Mathew lesko's Government Grants Guides   by Allen Lewis

Every year over $1,000,000,000,000 (that's trillion) worth of free goverment grants (including small business grants) are given out to over 30,000,000 (that's million) people. You're not getting your share of small business grants, goverment loans and free goverment grants because you don't know where to go. In fact, there are thousands of little-known organizations you can turn to, who can help you to get a:$500,000 goverment grant to start or expand your business, $50,000 goverment grant for you to go back to school, $10,000 goverment grant to fix up your home, $7,000 goverment grant to train for a new job, $500 goverment grant to fix up your car, $100,000 goverment grant to improve your neighborhood, $400 goverment grant to pay your heating bill, $50,000 goverment grant for you to travel the world, $5,000 goverment grant for you to start a business at home, $250,000 goverment grant to work on your invention, $7,000 goverment grant to pay for your living expenses, $1,000 goverment grant to pay for your prescription drugs, $1,300 goverment grant to pay your mortgage payment. Small business grants go to the Rich and the Poor. Matthew Lesko is THE expert on free goverment grants. Government Grants Expertise Lesko's expertise in getting free goverment grants comes from his own actual expreience. Check out some of the many book titles that can help YOU get free goverment grants or small business grants, just like the pros.

Free Money For Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneuring is the surest way to become a Millionaire in the USA. This new book shows you how to get your share, and includes over 12,000 programs to help you live the American Dream!

Free Money to Get a Better Home - 4000 government money programs that give out grants, direct payments and free money to buy a dream home or become a real estate investor. For everyone, even people with bad credit and millionaires!

Free Money to Pay Your Bills - This 770-page book shows how to get free government money to pay mortgage, rent or closing costs... child care... medical bills... school costs... home and car repairs... travel expenses... even your credit card bills!

Free Money to Quit Your Job - 15,000 government programs worth $350 Billion dollars to increase your income, do what you always dreamed of, live a happy life! Everyone is eligible. You just have to know where to go to take advantage of these programs!

Grant-Writing Basics : Book & CD - Over 1180 pages book on CD-ROM. Instructions on how to fill out grant applications and get the money you need for your business, home, education, kids or just to help pay your bills. Includes Lesko's 10-Step Program for Writing a Winning Grant Proposal!

Grant-Writing Basics : Audio, Video Program - 6 hours of audio and 2 hours of video full of instructional lessons that will show you how to get grants quicker and easier. Get the book on CD, the CD of sample applications and 6-hour Audio and 2-hour Video.

Free Stuff for Women : Busy Moms - Over 2,000 Government Programs to get Free Money, Services, Gifts, Help and Information For Your Home, Your Health, Your Career, Your Business, Your Kids and Your Pocketbook.

Free Stuff for Women : Money for School - The high paying jobs don't require muscle power, they require brain power. More than 80 billion dollars in government money & private scholarships are available for women who want to go back to school or train for a new job!

Free Stuff for Women : Women Entrepreneurs - Over 5,000 Government Sources Of Grants, Loans, Venture Capital, Management, Technical Assistance and Marketing Help. 66% of new businesses are started by women and women have a 75% greater chance of success in business ownership!

Free Stuff for Women : Women's Health - Thousands of Little-Known Programs From Government and Non-Profit Organizations that offer: Free Doctor Care, Free Information, Free Treatment, Free Services, Free Health Products, Free Books, Free Prescription Drugs, For All Income Levels!

1001 Of The Best Government Freebies - THE GOVERNMENT HAS TO GIVE IT AWAY - GET YOUR Free Stuff, Free Services, Free Expertise, Free Information, Free Vacations, Free Books, Free DVDs, Free Toys, Free Gifts and Free Money.

More Free Stuff : Legal Help - Never be bullied again! Lesko proves you don't need a single dime to fight your way through our legal system. This book will show you just how to intimidate any company without a lawyer. Learn to fight "even the big guys" with Uncle Sam and win!

More Free Stuff : Health Care - No Money? No insurance? No problem! Here's 6,000 Sources of Free Doctor Care, Free Information, Free Treatment, Free Services, Free Health Products, Free Books, Free Prescription Drugs... FREE to anyone, Including YOU!

Free Money to Change Your Life on CD - 15,000 Government Programs To Get A Better Job, A New Career, An Education or To Follow Your Dream. Hate your job? Life at a standstill? Want more time? More money? Feel unfulfilled? Don't just complain about your life; Do something about it!


Order Mathew Lesko's books and apply for the grants and money that he gives you contact information for. Government grants and government loans aren't advertised. And sure, the rich (like Bush and Cheney) are getting their share of small business grants. James Freericks of Washington, DC received over $500,000 in government grants to travel the World. Mathew Lesko books describe government grant programs for federal government grants, goverment loans and government business grants that you can use to set yourself free.Mathew Lesko 's information contains a gold mine of ideas presented in a clear way which is so helpful. His advice on getting small business grants has helped countless entrepreneurs get up and running. He has used small business grants for himself and his family.

Order Mathew Lesko's books and apply for the grants and money that he give you contact information for whatever grants or programs you may want or need.

The books gives me advice on all the programs that the state and government have available for us.

It is especially valuable to have all these sources at our fingertips in one convenient location.

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